So here I am on wordpress, I still haven’t exactly mastered the layout of this ting, but I think I’m getting there, although Semtex is still killing me with the sidebar fleeness….

Anyway a quick catch up, firstly THANKS in a big way to everyone who has spent their hard earned money on Stryderman, I’m delighted with how its all gone and I can’t wait for you lot to hear my next single (out in early November – add it to your diaries;)!!!) – its BIG trust me….I;m excited about this one as you can probably tell…

So I’m just sitting here now waiting for Berbatov to be announced as a Man U player, watching Sky Sports News, at the same time wondering what the F#%K is Robinho doing!!?!? Man City?!? This guy must be maaaaddddddddd!!! Big move for them – but utd will still be on top!!

I want to say thanks aswell to anyone who came to Biggerfish at Astoria and Meet Me There…..both of the crowds were LIVE – so BIG UP all you lot and keep reppin!!!

I’m gone for now but I’m gonna be back with all the hardest YouTube vids asap as always lol!! I’m gonna be updating more on a personal level aswell as reccomending music from now on too so WATCH OUT!!


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