Star In The Hood Blue T-shirts

Loads of people have been asking about the blue/white t-shirts and when they will be available in sizes other than medium…..I have just added those sizes to the shop so go them HERE NOW!!


5 Responses to “Star In The Hood Blue T-shirts”

  1. yoyoyoooooo
    the “star in the hood ” tops dont come in ladys fit does it?
    you shoooould make one for me.. size 6.. 🙂
    black and gold alie lol

  2. I got mine from ebay. they have quite a few fitted star in the hood tops and they are quality. Me and all my friends have them. You cant go wrong with the price lol

  3. tinchystryder Says:

    afraid any star in the hoof from ebay is FAKE! make sure u use the link from my myspace or from this blog or my website!


  4. Where Will I Be Able To Get One Of The Star In Hood Jumpers In Black And Pink ?? x

  5. tinchystryder Says:

    go to for alllllll the NEW STAR IN THE HOOD. All colours and sizes are in stock!! Respect!

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