BIG day for releases

Ok people, today is a big day for some of my mates and I need you ALL to go and support them!

Firstly we have Kano, his new album is SICK, 140 Grime Street is out TODAY in HMV, Zavvi, iTunes etc etc etc. CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW AND BUY IT

Next there is Ironik’s album ‘No Point In Wasting Tears’. I’ve heard quite a few tracks from this and I have to say its good, I know theres a lot of people who hate on Ironik but you have to see the light and see how good he is at what he does. Also there’s the Bless Beats remix included on the album with MYSELF and Ghetto so you gotta check that!! CLICK HERE TO GET IT!

Finally its N-Dubz, who are back with a new label and a whole load of new BANGERS. Lead by the genius DAPPY these lot deserve to SMASH it this time round so make sure you all BUY THE SINGLE HERE!

I think T.I’s new album Paper Trail might be out in shops aswell today but it might just be in the US at the moment, anyway what I ‘ve heard of it sound BIG so check that too!!

Sorry I’ve been away from the blog for so long by the way. I;m gonna be back from now I promise!!



One Response to “BIG day for releases”

  1. i really like you guys and your the best love you

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