Kano 140 Grime Street Launch

Well the launch party for Kano’s album at Indigo2 on Tuesday was SICK. Big up everyone who came down and everyone who organised (RWD, MTV Base, Adidas) and of course most of all big up KANO – who put on the GREATEST GRIME SHOW EVER.

I enjoyed myself ALOT. I started off with my own support slot just before Kano came on which went down well. I started with Mainstream Money, then Not Like Me for the grime heads inside, after those I moved on to the tune for my ladies Something About Your Smile – which seemed o go down well – some nice sing-a-long’s going on! I finished with Stryderman, my personal favourite to perform. Then we chucked out some STAR IN THE HOOD tees (anyone looking for freebies of the tees make sure you come to my shows!!) I really really enjoyed the set and so did Fuda and Spyro so big thanks to you lot on the crowd!

Onto the main event – Kano was simply F****D in concert, as I saw last year when supporting his London Town tour Kano knows how to put on a big big show and hold a crowd. He performed the classics and all the big tunes from 140GS, my personal favourite was Hunting We Will Go where Ghetto made an entrance to say the least. Other big cameos in the set were Wiley, Skepta and Mikey JChipmunk was in the house too and would have completed the final line up but didn’t perform, plus there was a medley of the big tunes from Kano & myself (Stryderman), Wiley (Wearing My Rolex), Skepta (Rolex Sweep) and Ghetto (Sing For Me) which went down well – some big performances, Ghetto brings mad energy. The whole night closed with me, Kano, Ghetto, JME and Skepta all on stage together – all in all I have to say I think Kano has definitely pulled off the ‘greatest grime show ever’ thing with this one. I can’t wait until the next time something like this happens – maybe I’ll try something for my new albums launch (which by the way is now April 2009).

If you want to see the best video I’ve found so far of the night check it out here on BUTTERZ. Big Vid.


One Response to “Kano 140 Grime Street Launch”

  1. You performed well. Was a massive night, cheers for the link.

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