I just spent about an hour writing the longest blog ever about this busy, hectic, mad week I’ve just had and then WORDPRESS went mad and deleted it!!! I can’t tell how pissed off I am right now!

It was all about rehearsal’s, the MOBOS, shopping, rushing around in cabs, being late, being early, being on time, doing a lot, performing, meeting people and so much stuff. I HATE THE INTERNET (sometimes).

Anyway check the performance I did with Craig David at the MOBOS on Wednesday for now (until I can be bothered to re-write that whole thing):

One thing I will re-do, that I had worked into my long blog (r.i.p) is big up those that have helped me out this week so much with the performances: Timz, Craig, Rita, Spoony and T-Lace – Thanks!!

Also I’ve got P.A’s this weekend in Longeaton at Stillage Club, thats tonight and then tomorrow (Sunday) I’m at an under 18’s event in Newbury. Get down and see me if your about!! Oh and make sure you all BUY Wiley;s new single ‘Summertime’ out now – CLICK HERE TO DO THAT!


One Response to “WOW”

  1. BeeDoOtThundaa Says:

    ii Love N-Dubz 2 !!!
    Lol Yur Blog R.I.P. Ya Nah LolSz
    Ur New TuneSz Alott!

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