Eminem & Zane Lowe

I listened to Zane Lowe’s exclusive Eminem interview last night on Radio 1. It was pretty interesting, for those that missed it you need to listen back by clicking here. He talks about his career from the start, Proof, his tours, when he first met Dre and loads of other stuff.

I’m an Eminem fan so its fascinating to get an insight into his life. I’ll definitely be buying the book when it comes out.

Heres ‘I’m Having a Relapse’ the first leak of new Eminem material (Is that Stephen Fry’s voice at the start?!?!)


2 Responses to “Eminem & Zane Lowe”

  1. nahh dont think its stephen fry, sounds like the dude who does the history channel documentaries, yea i watch dem ahhaha

  2. It’s not gonna be an album it was a studio ‘freestyle’ recorded for shade 45

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