I just came accross this 1Xtra interview that Chipmunk and myself did at the MOBOs just after he picked up BEST NEWCOMER, it reminded me I meant to post up congratulations to Chip at the time but don’t think I ever did so here it is, better late than never!! BIG UP CHIPMUNK!!


3 Responses to “Chipmunk”

  1. I love both u guys music sooooooo much…ur both my favourite artists…was bare happy 2 c both of u’s @ da same time…lol…keep up all da phenomenal work…hopefully i’ll b up dere wid u 2 soonish & den we defs have 2 make a track 2gether:)

  2. yoooo wag1 tinch
    wats da fing u wore 2 da mobos
    da hooded scarf fing
    holla at me asap
    i wnt 1 ov dem
    n u killed da performance

  3. same i need one of those scarf hoods

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