Dizzee on Newsnight

Dizzee’s been coming in for some criticism for the way he came accross in his Newsnight interview last night about the Obama victory. I don’t really agree with the negative opinions on this one,though I do understand where they’re coming from. Dizzee was just being himself and did talk some sense. What do you think?


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  1. na fam, not reppin’. there is a time and a place for jokes. newsnight isnt one of them. the US election has been inspirational. obama’ win had my up in the clouds… but Dizzee’ interview has vrought me back to earth. The inerview on my blog if you have seen it. I’m still cringing!

  2. Are you crazy?

    The shudder that went down my spine was almost physically painful. I ran over to the TV, put on my glasses and raised the volume.

    “God”, I prayed, “please let it be some politician who I have never heard off who just happened to have an unfortunate coincidental same name as the grime artist”.

    But no, such was the luck that we had achieved a black president; there was no more to go round. Standing there in his skanky smile and uninhibited glory was, as Jeremy Paxman so kindly put it: “Mr Rascal”.

    In the nanosecond that preceded him opened his mouth, I tried to assure myself that he world ‘Fix up and look sharp’

    But alas, much to my embarrassment, the embarrassment of the Baroness (who had the displeasure of sharing the split screen with him), the grin of Jeremy and to the embarrassment of himself, Dizzee was doing his level best in a one man bid to secure the part as Bottom, the ignorant ignoramus ass in Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s night dream.

    Where one man had a dream 48 years ago, I was having my own personal nightmare unfold in front of my very eyes as “Mr Rascal” struggled to command the basic form of primary grammar that would see Donnatella Versace secure a place as a 10 o’ clock newsreader.

    Was the word ‘Street’ synonymous with ‘stupid’? I wondered and from which cornerstone in London had they dragged this despicable waste of oxygen from, to represent the young UK black man and tell the nation:

    “Wot am sayin, yeah, is mans won it cos he used hip-hop, init”

    Did he confuse Jeremy Paxman with Clarkson? Why were they doing this to us?

    Such is the disgust of what I endured that I cannot express any words to truly verbalise what I had been so hexed to see. I only urge you once again to please gawp in amazement at what happens when you fuel ignorance.
    s ‘sense’ was overshadowed by the embarrassment.

  3. I think Dizzee Rascal did well actually. I’m 28 and not a fan – I’ve always thought him rather arrogant and a bit of an idiot in all honesty, but he actually changed my view last night. No, he wasn’t speaking the ‘queen’s English’ and yes he was smirking pretty much all the way through (I assume at the irony of being on Newsnight) – perhaps this is why he didn’t strike a chord with all viewers? He does however, relate to and probably quite well represent the youth of Britain (at least London) today. I felt that although he may have worded things in his own unique way, his responses were intelligent. His opening comment about Obama being mixed race and a sign of unity I felt was a good strong message from the young star. He was positive and optimistic – if anything I think Jeremy Paxman with his patronising tone came off worse. Yes, the interview was amusing and light hearted – but Dizzee Rascal sent out the right messages – and he is after all a gateway to our youth. I congratulate him on a job well done.

  4. huh???
    were we watching the same interview?? he was talkin sense??? which part?
    I’m sorry but NO.. He didn’t.
    he made himself look a fool last night and should have realised that he would representing the UK’s young black people. I don’t think he actually thought before he opened his mouth.
    It was embarrassing to watch.

  5. This was absolutely embarrassing where I was actually cringing with shame how he conducted his self was just so un intelligent I’m sure he could have thought of a more appropriate answer than “yeah man” aint it”

    If he did not have the vocabulary or any Political knowledge he should have refused to go on the show. He made him self look a fool there is a time and a place to speak like that and it was not on News night.

    Dizzie you should have come better than that.

  6. Ghost Reader Says:

    Please tell me where in the interview you heard dizzee ‘talk some sense’?

    I didnt. But maybe that becuase i only listened for about a minute to what he was saying and had to switch it over!

    Yeah its ok for him to be himself, but when your talking like any ‘yout from road, people watching are not going to take you serious!

    Ok so he wants to run for prime minister, yeah ok, sitting in the white house talking to Obama like that – Please

  7. Poochilou Says:

    He was an embarassment, in life you have to learn that you have to present yourself differently in different environments. he came across as inarticulate and unintelligent. There are many rappers that would have been a better choice -Sway, Akala, being a rapper doen’t mean you have to come across dumb. Can you imagine Jay Z, Naz or Common talking this much shit?
    I blame Newsnight too -did hey pick Dizzee just to show Black people up? …hmmm

  8. “His opening comment about Obama being mixed race and a sign of unity I felt was a good strong message from the young star”

    …..i might be wrong, but i have never heard Obama class himself as Mixed-Race, so that comment that he made, to me was dead-ended, it didnt even need to be mentioned.

  9. To basically say “I don’t care about politics” and “it doesn’t make a difference” straight after Barack Obama has been elected is ridiculous. That is the same attitude that stopped people voting in 2000 and got Bush into power. Dizzees answers were so stupid that Paxman almost didn’t know where to go with the questions. He was expecting an intelligent debate and instead he got answers you’d expect from a 14 year old ‘road yout’.

    The thing I find funny is, his long term friend (Stryder) and his DJ (Semtex) are actually trying to justify it all lol.

  10. If an American rapper had appeared on the US version of Newsnight and acted GHETTO in front of mainstream America, he would have been slaughtered the following day, by his peers, the bloggers, community leaders and even his own fans! Ripped to shreds! Anyone remember what happened to Camron when he went on the news show ’60 Minutes’ and came off sounding like a complete fool when asked to give his opinions on “snitiching”?. He had to issue an apology through his publicist several days later, because of the heat generated from the African American community.

    In America most artists understand the importance of showing themselves as being intelligent and articulate when presenting themselves in front of a different audience. They understand that there is a time and a place for everything. If you are going appear on BET’s 106 & Park then you can get away with acting the clown in a bid to appeal to the younger audience. But if you are going to appear on a programme that is known for discussing SERIOUS topics of the day, and is watched by a older/professional demographic then you leave the “road man/ghetto” mentality at home.

    This is what the youth / up and coming artists in this country need to understand! You all need to be watching the interviews that T.I has been giving recently on some of the biggest shows in America. Watch and learn!

    If you want to act the fool and want to pretend as if you don’t know how to string a sentence together then visit Channel U. But if you are invited on to a programme like Newsnight, you don’t have to go on there sounding like Prince Charles, but you do need to SWITCH IT UP!

  11. Tinchy even though you feel that Dizzee talked some sense, I do respect the fact that you can also see where all the negative opinions are coming from.

    Unlike some.

  12. People yall need to go lightly and lets not pretend. I cringed/laughed in equal measure at said broadcast and took it for what it is. Here’s what Im feeling:

    1. An individual expressing their own point of view. is that a problem?

    2. I think too much is expected of dizzee, after all he is a recording artist and not a politician. plus its a bit much to expect him to be a torch bearer for the black community as diverse as it is.

    3. Does anyone actually recall what Baroness Amos said. Afterall isnt she the ‘real’ politician of the piece?

    4. re: dizzees gramm(er) – why are some being so protective of the queens english when its obvious that the current ‘mis’education system is doing its best to obliterate it?

    5. intelligent debate? whatever… despite its cringeworthiness, he got his points across.

    6. So where is this place where we as blacks are all middle class, articulate and embrace the status quo – did i miss the bus?

    7. alas we cant all be like Obama

    8. innit 🙂

  13. i think dizzee held it down!! why has he got to go all coconut to talk to Paxman?

    why did he only have 2 minutes? Did paxman actually have any proper questions prepared or was the interview a last minute thing??

  14. Why is it that when some black people talk about speaking normally or using standard english they refer to it as “go[ing] all coconut”?

    Does it mean that it’s a black characteristic to speak with grammatical mistakes and a white characteristic to speak without them?

  15. BlackAngel Says:

    At the end of the day, Dizzee was being Dizzee and speaking in the same slang that a lot of heads from Bow speak in, including myself. However, he was representing every young black person in Britain and he came across uninformed. The accent had nothing to do with it, same way Michael Caine would have spoken in a cockney accent. The problem with Dizzee is that his answers seem un-researched, unintelligent and like he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. He came across arrogant, he probably thought it was swagger, but Dizzee, it wasn’t. I’m sure Dizzee went back to the endz and thought, ‘yeah, man kept it gully.’ But Dizzee you sounded like an idiot, you lived up to every stereotype of young, black people and you made us look silly. You had an opportunity to come across like an intelligent young man, instead you flopped, BIG TIME. The tiny piece of respect I had for you left the second I saw you and that smirk on tv. Lets hope next opportunity we have they use Sway or even Chipmunk coz I know them two would have spoken a whole lotta sense. Accent is irrelevant, what was important was what came out of his mouth, and unfortunately it was nothing but breeze and air.

  16. LOL! Did anyone see AKALA ON NEWSNIGHT ON FRI??? OK yeah he has more vocab than dizz but sorry he is a prime example of how one shld conduct themself on a proper news show.

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