Heres the video fro ‘Go Hard’ By DJ Khaled featuring Kanye and T-Pain. This is a massive tune BUT can anyone tell me how Khaled gets credit for these tunes as he doesn’t produce/write/rap or seemingly do anything on them?! If anyone knows BRING ME IN!


7 Responses to “GO HARD”

  1. because hes a “dj” and the dj get credit for songs… sum shit lyk that.. hes bolox and kills the chune by shoutin out we the best and shit!!!

  2. ive always thought that myself…but fair play to him if he can make big P’s by doin nothin! haha

  3. dj khaled jus shouts alot thru out da tune dats all he does waaaassssteeman lol

  4. he gets credit for it because he is the guy whos puttin it all together, i.e artists, production and money to fund it all includin its promotiong, the guy who puts thoughts into reality so he will take credit and funds from it.

  5. basically he owns da producers and gets da artisit together.. they are called da runners sometimes he shouts dem out on tracks.. but they are on his label “we da best records” so yh dats da reason.. its da same producers usally so dats why he shouts all over da tune lol weee da bestttttt

  6. and its gets mixdown at his studio.. but yh its his producers called da runners dare hard

  7. OMDZZ Dis Guy Jus Screams Throughout The Tune. Waste

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