Man U vs. Arsenal


We’re gonna kill them again today! I went to Arsenal’s Champions League game on Wednesday, thanks to my mate Colin Kazim-Richards (I wouldn’t go to the Emirates just to watch Arsenal!!), and they were not too good. They can’t even beat Stoke!! Infact they couldn’t even draw with Stoke lol…lost to Hull aswell…..and Fulham….


6 Responses to “Man U vs. Arsenal”

  1. Nate Dizzle Says:

    Well Stryder Man – Wha Gwan Dawg I believe the score was 2-1 to Arsenal and I saw U at Emirates on Wed wishin dat Arsenal won lets not be silly. Man U couldnt even beat Celtic!!!!!!

  2. tinchystryder Says:

    yeah u lot had your lucky day today, i might have to delete this post lol….

  3. I thought u were gonna smash us.

  4. man u gt duppyd lol

  5. How comes you support United when your from East London?
    Ow does that work lol

  6. Haha…

    Dont worry fam dere’s always next season!! Bet you got bare grief cos of your confidence ennit fam.

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