New KanYe & 50

Two of the biggest artists in the world, 50 and Kanye, both have BIG new videos up online. These two are so different to each other its mad that they’re from the same genre….big diversity!

I’m loving the 50 tune and video, he’s come back and smashed it in my opinion, big big banger. Kanye’s Heartless is growing on me and, of course, the video is fresh, Kanye always comes up with original and interesting visuals.

On another note I love how 50 doesn’t disable embedding videos from his YouTube channel like most major labels/artists do. I dont see the point in doing this, in these times in the music industry I think its stupidly important that videos can spread round the net through blogs, forums and all the rest. 50 Cent is one of the smartest guys in music and thats just another move that shows he knows EXACTLY whats going on and he’s moving with the times. He knows how to make money where others don’t!!!

Which one are you lot feeling most??

Kanye West – Heartless

50 Cent – Get Up


4 Responses to “New KanYe & 50”

  1. 50 may not be as diverse as kanye but at least u no what your getting with him and i think that the video is off the chain

  2. […] video is disabled for embedding accross YouTube, in one of those SHIT moves i previously mentioned HERE. So check the link instead by watching […]

  3. Kanye kills 50 everytime… 50 hasnt changed since he began, trusay, dis beat is a banger… But kanye tracks is better… deep lyrics and da video is differently brilliant… 50 is da same old same old!!

  4. Contary to a hater’s belief…50 is talented. He may not be as creative as Kanye but so fucking what? Since when did ‘out of the box’ stuff equal = dope?

    I love Hip Hop…50 makes Hip Hop.

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