New Tattoo…

I’ve just had my third tattoo done, this one hurt a bit, but not too bad….check the photos and let me know what you think!!

I just realised I haven’t been writing much about my days lately, more recommending stuff, so heres a little summary of today so far….I had a trip to Nike HQ to pick up some stuff for my new video, then a studio session with K.Gee – BIG producer!! Finally I’m currently at a rehearsal for a special performance with Craig David….I was SUPPOSED to be performing tonight at Puro in Manchetser but the promoter has cancelled last minute due to some madness or other….anyway hopefully I’ll be back in Manchester very soon, one of the best places to perform….


The needle hits!


Nearly done….




7 Responses to “New Tattoo…”

  1. nice.

  2. GoldieLocks Says:

    Deep! x

  3. tinchystryder Says:

    thanx sarah, long time…hope your good x

  4. Sweet

  5. luvin the new craig song with u on it!!! its the best i need to know when he’s coming back to manchester!!!! x

  6. Hey im wanting a tattoo similar to your music one on your left arm? i dont want to copy it but it would be much appreciated if you could take a picture of it for me 🙂

    Bit random but i would be greatful

  7. Harry Kelly Says:

    tinchy :), its me, from 12K productions (DCYPHA & konvict) — frankie seabrookes (XTNCi) label, apperently you want a drafted album cover in two weeks, just wanted to confirm and how should i send it you, its almost done.

    my email is — tapp back id really appreciete it

    Harry K

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