Star In The Hood Apparel

I should become a clothing retailer….3 foot squared of S.I.T.H Apparel….watch out for polos and brand new designs coming very soon!!!



59 Responses to “Star In The Hood Apparel”

  1. The clothing range is alot. Massive positive movements for you and the scene.

  2. i wont oneee =)
    youh av done reli well with these by the sounds of it
    well done
    youh are an amaazziinnnnn person haha
    llyy xx

  3. got 2 of um, want more, Tinch I Think U Should Sell The Actual 1 U Where In The Stryderman Vid, I Wud Pay Anythin’ For That Tee, It’s Flee!

  4. hey i was jus wondering where i can buy the star in the hood clothing from

  5. Where can i buy these Hoodies from ?
    & are you Doing thee Leather Jacket you Wear in your newest Track with Taio cruz There bum I really need one?

    ilu: Tinchy .xx

  6. Are You Selling the Leather Jacket You Wear In Your New Video With Taio Cruz?

  7. Heloo
    Errm Wer Could I Get A Star n The Hood Hoodieee Fromm ?
    &+ Lovee Yourr Songg Take me Back [=
    Holla Bak


  8. tinchystryder Says:

    you can get em from my shop


  9. hey i just wondering where i can get your tops from, the hoodie’s i saw some on your myspace but there isn’t all ow them der, so if you could let me know please

  10. where can i get the leather jacket u wore on ur new video?

    peace x

  11. wondering where or if i can buy that leather jacket your wearing in the take me back video… jacket is too much willing 2 pay p’s for it….

  12. tinchystryder Says:

    Sorry to everyone asking, the jacket was made for a present to me for the video by a stylist. I wouldn’t know where or how to get more made to sell on!! Sorry!


  13. cant you ask the stylist 2 make more so u can sell them ?

  14. ite tinchy, that jacket you wore in take me back with taio is sikkk! u gotta get the stylist to make you more n sell erm, theyd be your biggest product. THere sinch man

  15. Hey..
    i got so many of your tops n hoodies. theyr ace man!
    but ima go with jay n the rest.. you need to sell the jackets man
    they look so fly
    thats where star in the hood goes big 🙂
    get em out soon man!!
    tke it easy

  16. well why dont u give me your jacket as a present xxxxx

  17. your musics amazing, and i love your clothes (:
    i really want the hoodie you wore in the “take me back” video.

    keep it up, your amazing! 😀


  18. where can i get a star in the hood jacket plz

    safe m8

  19. Heyy Tinchyy
    i was wonderin, u kno ur video ‘take me back’
    where can i get ur leather jacket that says star in the hood
    that is just MADDDD


  20. guys, hes said already he got hez jacket specialy made…
    tinchy ur clothes r amazing man i got a whole collection lol
    wen u bringin out summ more, leme no.

  21. Katie Ellis Says:

    Heya (: Please can you ask your stylist to make some more of you STAR IN THE HOOD jackets? They’re amazing, I’d pay loads to get that jacket, I’m sure loads of other people would too cus that jacket is well amazing!!!

    I’d love one, thanks x x x x Love You, you’re amazing

  22. Your stylist can make easy money from sellin garms like tht tinchy…the jacket is th shizz man…i bin lokin all over 4 it, now i know i aint gna find it lol !.. but yeh its worth getin more madee trustttt bud.
    hit back.

  23. hey tinchy do u know if there sell ur star in the hood clothing in JD

  24. Claradine Says:

    love you tinchy! where can we buy your awsome star in the hood jacket? im dying to wear 1!

  25. where do u get these jackets from i need one desperatly

  26. Heyy,
    Your STAR IN THE HOOD jacket in your new video Take Me Back with Taio Cruz is awesome =)
    Could you possibly ask your stylist if they could make or get some more of them?

    reply soon =)

  27. Heyy EveryOnee, These Are Soo Kewl Im Defo Getting One Asap Lol, Lyy Tinchy Your Doing Great And I Wish Youu The Best Of Luckk With Your Future. Ly Tinchy, Ly All 🙂
    Chrissy x

  28. Just Wondering If iam allowed to get the jacket copied or buy the orginal off you as i want that jacket and also my birthday soon so you no message back man asap sfe

  29. Just Wunderin Were I Can Get That Hoodie Jacket U Wear A The Begining Of The Song With The Diamond Sayin Star In The Hood 🙂

  30. the star in the hood jacket u wear in vi with taio is really nice im looking to find one but just can’t seem to find it >.< if u have site name or a shop name please get back to me ty 🙂

  31. where do you get the ‘Star In The Hood’ hoodies from?! 😀
    ilu tinchy your amazing 🙂

    addd me or something 🙂

  32. heyy just wondering where do i get these ”star in the hood” jumpers from and do they do them for kids i.e 3year olds!!! add me on msn cheers xx

  33. tinchystryder Says:

    Everyone – Firstly – THANX for all your support on the STAR IN THE HOOD clothing!!

    Now ALOT of fakes are popping up, so I’m just saying the ONLY place you can get the clothing from, the place that sells what I wear and that is run by myself and my managers is: http://WWW.TINCHY.BIGCARETL.COM

    Respect 2 Everyone for the support!!!! Peace.

  34. melanie xx Says:

    Love you n your jacket !your stylist gt class !! totaly twited !!! x

  35. hiaaax
    cann you gett like zip up jackets instead of ones you pull over your head cuss ii cant fing emm :/


  36. hiaaax

    cann uu buy star in the hood jackets that are likee zip up not ones uu pull over your head :/ cuss ii cant find any?


  37. Hi… i know loads of people are asking you to ask your stylist to make more jackets.. but it would be worth it.. i would happily pay over £100 for the S.I.T.H diamond jacket.. its sick, and i know loads of people happy to pay a lot of money too for it..!! definately do the zippers if not the jacket. cause its hard messing up your nicely styled hair.. i would put it over my head anyway but it would just look overly sick!!
    Bless you all for your great music and for taking all our points..
    stay blessed in the lord Jesus’s name..

  38. i love you tinch.

  39. tinchy?
    oh tinchy?
    are you there tinchy
    oh for goodness sake tinchy!
    i rececntly purchased a star in the hood t-shirt.
    i was hoping you would bring it me personally,
    maybe take me for a meal.
    but no..
    my dreams were shattered
    i have now returned it.
    i am now a tinch-less girl.
    no tinch for me tonight..

  40. lovyaz tinchyboy.

  41. craaaaaaig david.
    and tinch.

    a want 1 of ur tshirts in large the black with neon green
    but u havent got 1 will u be gettin any in store soon

    and mate ur music is d best init
    no.1 fan ere 😀

    peace brover

  43. if u want to email me its
    need a tshirt 4 sure braap;)
    plz get bak dude


  44. I FUCKING LOOVE YOUR CLOTHING AND I FUCKING LOVE YOU UR NICE LOOKING MATEEEEEE…X (l) i need to now were u get them from me and my mate bethany newman wont one … :@ HELPPPPPP :LP

  45. matthew harris Says:

    Tinchyyy beee!
    I got 3 tee’s yeahhh buhhh no sweatsss mann!
    i wans theeee blak andd neon green onee ynaooo, buhh wen u gettin someee medium’s in?
    I needs oneee ASAP not likeee thee rest on yur whoo jusss chattin poo bout desperatelyy needing tings anah, buhh can yuuh sort me out likeee and email me wen yuuh getss someee ini yh? safeeee
    Bless Fam x ❤

  46. hi just want to know where can i get the star in the hood leathere jacket (take me back version)

  47. AndyLadd Says:

    Your tuunees are well sickk maytee
    Im gonna get a shirt asap mann
    Keep up daa miint work blad
    Cyaa x

  48. brass17 Says:

    your music is amazin

    your clothes are amazin
    and that jacket u wear in ‘Take me back’ is SIKKK

    we all love dat jacket man u need to talk to your stylist try get some more

    they will sell BIGGG 🙂

    take me back is a sikk tune aswell keep it up stryder 😀

  49. where do you get them from?

  50. I was wondering how can i get thses tops in my shop at a whole sale price ?

  51. tinchystryder Says:

    get all OFFICIAL Star In The Hood from my new online store. CLICK HERE TO BUY!

  52. tinch yes brudda
    how can i get that black leather look jacket star in the hood
    it is sick brudda write back plz

  53. Please, please do a kids range. Myboys would look fab!!!
    My oldest boy is 3yrs old and loves your music!!!
    Your fab!

  54. Tinchyyyy lovin ur musicc!! its awesome!! Tell ur stylist he’s fab..I love the hoodies..but I want that leather jacket but for femaless!!! Where can I get one?!?! Ur website says its all outa stock…!
    P.s You’re great..keep up the good work!! Love NUmber One!!!! 😀 😀

  55. Yeah but i want them at wholesale price, if i buy them off your store what am i making on them or i be selling them too expensive then others shops.

  56. Yo Tinchy Love your new song with Taio Cruz, hes one of my favourite artists and im fast becoming a big fan of you. Im with the rest of the people mate you need to get the jacket from Take me back On sale id definately buy it! Peace Bruv!!

  57. Natalie R Says:

    hiiii 😀
    i lovee your music and clothing!! its the best!! i would lovee to have your stylist! haha x where would i get a star in the hood jacket coz it aint on the websiteee 😛
    love youuuu

  58. Can u get kids star in the hood clothing like 10-14 years

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