Zab ‘super’ Judah


Zab Judah has always been one of my favourite fighters, his fights are always exciting. He hails from Brooklyn, NY and is always featured in hip hop videos. I think he could be getting back to his best. I would like him to fight Ricky Hatton, that would be a really interesting fight.

This was an impressive return at light-welterweight for Zab Judah and hopefully he could win another world title next year.

Making his first fight against a light welterweight in years, Zab Judah (37-6, 25 KOs) defeated Ernest Johnson (18-3-1, 7 KOs) by a lopsided 10-round unanimous decision on Saturday night at the Madison Square Garden, in New York City, New York. The final judges’ scores were 99-91, 98-92 and 98-92. Judah, 31, a former IBF/WBO light welterweight champion, was making his first bout at the weight since 2003.

Judah came into the fight over the 140 pound weight limit, coming in at 144. However, the new weight seemed to suit him much more so than the 147 pound welterweight class, where Judah has struggled in recent years, losing four out of his last seven fights.

Judah fought well in the early rounds, hitting Johnson with jabs, hooks and uppercuts to the head and easily controlling the fight. In the 3rd round, however, Judah received a bad cut over his right eye and on the side of his left eyebrow. The cuts were taken care of well by Judah’s cut man and didn’t factor into the fight, much to his relief.


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