This is ‘Halo’ the track thats has been causing a bit of a stir in the press, it was written by Ryan Tedder of One Republic (he also wrote Bleeding Love). Apparently Simon Cowell was desperate to secure Halo for Leona but it has gone to Beyonce!

Who do you lot think would have done the song most justice? The Beyonce one is below. It sounds like a blatent worldwide SMASH to me, I can definitely see what the fuss is about.


14 Responses to “Halo”

  1. i think its good the song went to beyonce. After all she is the Queen of R’n’B. And tbh i dnt think much of leona lewis, she’s jus some next reality show girl and i fink she gonna die away soon.

  2. Beyonce does the song good justice. It really suits her voice. However, I know Leona would have done a superb job with that song as well. Maybe she might do a cover of it. Who knows? and then maybe we will know for sure.. but hey, Beyonce is a real singer and knows her way around the tunes so give credit to her for doing a really good job wiht the song and with the album as a whole! This one just might go platinum.. afterall, its better than BDay in my opinion. Cudos to Beyonce!xx

  3. I think Leona would have sung it better as Leona has got the tenderness and vurnerability to her voice as well as power when she needs to. Beyonce’s voice is all about power and this song sounds a bit harsh and rough compared to the angelic take that Leona cud give.

    I love both beyonce and leona, but this song wud suit leona better.

  4. jacobladder Says:

    this is a lie cuz Beyonce is listed as one of the writers the first writer listed not the third or forth. I just love the way the internet tries to make something out of nothing.

  5. tinchystryder Says:

    I think Beyonce takes writing credit on all her songs regardless of whether she wrote it or not, just because of who she is….I might be wrong but I think thats what I heard….

  6. I would love to hear the purity of Leona Lewis’s voice. B has a real agile voice and sometimes…she just simply overpowers a song and you can hear the staining vocals. It’s a beautiful song and the lyrics sound like something R. Kelly would have wrote. Styder is write when he says that Beyonce takes credit for all her songs because she buys the copyrights so that she gets all the profits. She may assist but she’s not really that poetical (remember the Survivor album and Give me Body was written by her sister Solange who receive an award for writing the song). I would have even loved to hear Jennifer Hudson sing it because she has a well balanced voice for this song. She could sing hard or soft. Too bad for Leona a good song and image makes or breaks your success in the world
    of music.

  7. Monique Springer Says:

    I think Beyonce did a wonderful job. Ryan Tedder takes most of the credit though because the lyrics are greater than the melody. As a writer myself I really admire the construction of this song. I think Leona might have done it better because she has more of the emotions needed for this song in her voice, (for instance “Better in Time” a song that I think is greatly unrated). By the way, I heard that it was given to her (Leona), but she didn’t have the time to sing. She must have be dissappointed, because I see Beyonce getting a Grammy, for a job well executed. Her vocal very controlled especially in the verse, then she pumped it up in all right places in the chorus. Best Song 2008!

  8. Kiva Karmin Says:

    I think American Idol’s Emperor, Simon Cowell, will sue for potential loss because he had a contract agreement for Leona lewis to sing this song. Leona had a lot of bookings and would not have been able to record until ’09, but she should have stopped and had an Erykah Badu ephiphany and taken time to record because her competition, Beyonce, does that all the time. I mean Erykah Badu recorded “Tyrone” in one evening prior to a concert. Too Bad…Leona has got to get her head in the game. I would have loved to her sing. Beyonce has paid a lot people to help make her an ICON. Can you imagine the PR person who works for her? Jazmine Sullivan, Leona, and the rest of the girls need to invest and search out great song writers or this “ICON” is gon to overshadow them all the time.

  9. I think is best we don’t try to compare who is a better singer or not coz they re both very talented n Bey did an excellent job.I’m a big fan of both girls but i’ll say opportunities come but once in a lifetime so don’t let it slip when it comes.Leona can do da remix with Bey if she wants coz they both make a good pair vocally n no winer.I love them so much n have some powerful lyrics in store for them.

  10. Before I became aware of this whole song drama, I made the statement that Beyonce does not have the vocal chops for this song and it sounded as if it was written for someone else. Then low and behold I discover that this song was written for Leona Lewis, well I hope that she gets the opportunity to sing it. Beyonce is a dance/pop queen. Very rarely does she have the vocal prowess to pull off a ballad and she definitely did not do this particular song justice.

  11. who cares its the tune of the year!lets just in joy it!leona or beyonce are amazing who cares

  12. if leona in her busy
    scedule did not have time!good luck to beyonce.cos things are really quiet lately for her!yeah right.

  13. anyway tinchy stryder ya tune is wicked.yeah.yeah.i tos a turn i jus can sleep at night.yeah.yeah.yeah boy.

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