N-Dubz – Uncle B


As regular readers of the blog will know I am a big N-Dubz fan, so obviously I grabbed this first thing on Monday morning (well actually I had to be at my Take Me Back video shoot at 7am but my managers got it for me so I had it by about 10am).

I’ve had a good listen and this album its HUGE. Its got three N-Dubz classics that the people have been waiting for Love For My Slum, Defeat You and Sex aswell as the old singles Feva Las Vegas, I Swear and BNWMT. Ouch and Papa are there, two BIG hits and then theres new material which is all banging, ecspecially the first three tracks Wouldn’t You, Strong Again (which is produced by the one and only Fraser T Smith and Kano) and Don’t Get Nine, which is another sick plotline style track, you N-Dubz are the one for those ‘soap opera’ style tunes!

You need to get this album in your life and it seems that plenty of people are, I’m hearing its at number 5 in the midweek charts with over 17,000 (yeah SEVENTEEN THOUSAND) sales in the first two days. Thats more than Beyonce’s new album. BUY UNCLE B RIGHT NOW HERE.


One Response to “N-Dubz – Uncle B”

  1. i luv the song “secrets” i tihnk its one of the best on the album its diffrent!

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