I’ve been told about a couple of new fake S.I.T.H sellers (big up DK Designs my informer!!).

The best way to stop these people who STEAL income from others hard work and effort in my opinion is for me to personally speak out against them so I’ll say it again – If its not from this website: – It is NOT REAL!!! I’m not gonna post the url’s of the fakers anymore incase they get the odd customer from it!!!

This FUCKS ME OFF so much, I never swear but now is the time!! Do not accept the fakes.

On another, more positive note, there will soon be girls fit tees and special editions with tags, tissue paper wrapping and limited stickers!!! Also I’m planning a BIG secret event where the first ever extremely limited amount of DIAMOND edition S.I.T.H tees (as seen in Stryderman video) will be available!!! I’ll keep you updated…..


4 Responses to “More fake STAR IN THE HOOD”

  1. ross manning Says:

    bro im looking everywhere for that star in the hood jacket out of the take me back vid i really want one badly quality song btw peace!!!!

  2. I have bought a tshirt recently from and they are definitely fakes. I was also dissapointed to find som guy called dj de face( Richard Botchway) selling the fakes at wembley market. He assures me he is a friend of tinchy’s but he’s selling fake tees. Beware of this guy

  3. Kelly Davey Says:

    Firstly, i love you, sencondly, I have everyday ever since your take me back video release looked on your website, looking to see if you have released the S.I.T.H jacket and tees!! Could you please give me a time roughly?? I really want one, BADLY, and can’t wait for them!! XD thank you .. Kelly .. XX

  4. Omddzz. Can youu pleasee tell me when new sizes will be out in the pink top, cuz they only have large atmm and i don’t fit into a largee
    Loveuu babee xx

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