Best round of boxing ever!

This is, in my opinion, the best round in boxing. It is Diego Corrales against Luis Castillo in the 10th round. RIP Diego Corrales.

Let me know what you think.


3 Responses to “Best round of boxing ever!”

  1. my brother held a boxing night at his place about a year ago with some of pretty awesome fights. Duran, Ray 3 the Rumble in the jungle plus shit loads more. the line up sounded sick! but as the night went on it turned out that long grueling fights was not a the formula for a successful boxing party. people got board, left, fell asleep etc. At 4 in the morning he pulls out the Corrales, Castillo fight. Nobody was game as we hadn’t heard of them but he put it on any way. By the end of that fight everybody was jumping around the room. hands down it was the best fight of the night.

    its one of the greatest moments in boxing history man

  2. Yo Tinchy, not my fav weight class, but thats one serious comeback!!!! I feel you on this one.

  3. tinchystryder Says:

    agreed mate

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