‘Take Me Back’!

This is a snippet of my new single ‘Take Me Back’ with Taio Cruz. The video will be out in the next couple of weeks

It’s out January 19th.

Let me know what you think!


5 Responses to “‘Take Me Back’!”

  1. mainstream………. dats all im sayin.. wateva earns u p though

  2. jamie is wrong tinchy i aint tryna suck up or anything its good, nicely produced track good dance feel kinda like the destination calabria remix wid mims…..keep your stuff up man your a positive man in peoples life….it wud be wicked to get an email from u or summin alex_decmar@hotmail.com thanks bro

  3. Dude this tune is absolutly sweet. I bak Alex on tht. wish it was out much sooner. An hope ther is an album on tha way as well.

    In a bizz.

  4. tinchystryder Says:

    appreciate all ur comments!

  5. ive liked most ur stuff. first thoughts are that i dont really like it but i know its gonna grow on me, specially since its not out 4 a while. as long as u keep creating the stuff i like i can live with the odd tune that doesnt quite cater to my tastes

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