N-Dubz go Gold!

N-Dubz have shipped GOLD in less than 2 weeks!! Thats over 100,000 albums, an incredible achievement.

They’ll probably go platinum now. Loads of big releases by popstars and indie bands etc recently have gone nowhere near this level of success so this is big deal for our music in my opinion. Hopefully I can follow this kind of performance with my album next year!!

Anyway heres a behind the scenes from the new video Strong Again, looking big…..


2 Responses to “N-Dubz go Gold!”

  1. I know your a fan of ndubz lol so holla and ill give a link of Dappy on Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

  2. yea n dubz are another example of motivated people they were the ones lookin for peeps to sign them now people want to sign them they worked so hard to get were they are they rant on about it in most of their old song

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