Check out a couple of custom made S.I.T.H things I’ve been given recently, big up Nike and New Era! I’m feeling privileged!!




11 Responses to “Custom….”

  1. they are biggg man. espeially d 59fifty

  2. yo g

    i work for an mc named aggro how do you get nike and all dem to support you g need to know as aggro is an oncoming artist and needs support like that

  3. Says:

    can someone send me a message or sumfin tellin me where to get that cap i really want it its fukin sik cheers

  4. The Air Forces Are Disgustingggg Fam.Strate Up.I Need Those !!!!
    Not Feelin The Silverness/Shinyness of The New Era, Altho It Is Hard Havin Your Own Customised SITH New Era!

  5. achieving gd things.
    gtta get more SITH clothing 2 much postage and packagin ..makin me bankrupt lol

  6. Fam im luvin wat ur doinn
    ur new trak take me back fukinnn sikkkk cuzzyy

  7. big up fam one question where could i get that leather jacket with star in the hood on the back in silver… jacket is too much.. willing to pay anything lol…

  8. brad watson Says:

    mint bruv wat song u reckon i should have as my ring entrance 4 my boxing match ??? i reckon take me back

  9. tinchystryder Says:

    take me back no doubt bruv!!!

  10. brad watson Says:

    yeah bruv u reckon.. ???

  11. brad watson Says:

    yo man add me on face init then when i walk into the ring wiv ur tune i will upload the vid on facebook

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