Kanye Interview


I read an interesting interview with Kanye in The Observer yesterday, CLICK HERE to check it out. 808’s & Heartbreak has grown on me a lot, Robocop, Heartless, Welcome to Heartbreak, Amazing & Coldest Winter are the standouts so far! What about you?


6 Responses to “Kanye Interview”

  1. I definately thin ‘Amazing’ is the best tune by far. I dunno why theres jus somethin about it thats legendary

  2. for some reason i dont like amazing, but ive heard its a grower, the tracks that stand out for me are, street lights, robocop, welcome to heartbreak and say you will!!

  3. definitely! i love heartless coldest winter bad news and street lights!

  4. I personally don’t like the album that much. I don’t hate it, but compared to previous Kanye albums which have been near perfection. I’m basing that on listen-ability (whether I can listen straight through without wanting to skip tracks.) I read the interview and I respect it’s different, and I respect maybe he had to make this for himself, but the whole “I don’t make music for my fans no more, I make it for myself” is bollocks. Tinchey you must understand what I’m getting at being an artist in a scene/country that the majority of your fans won’t go out and cop your shit, they’d rather download it. YOU NEED YOUR FANS! without your fans who are you? It just so happens that Kanye has enough ass lickers that he’ll sell records what ever he says, but to me its a big disrespect. If he only makes music for himself, and not for me, why should I buy it? He can go out and buy a million copies to make up the numbers.

  5. Having said that, that is the hardest scarf lol

  6. welcome to heartbreak is amazing, just listen to the lyrics, its a work of art

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