Take Me Back MY NEW VIDEO!!

Here’s the finished version of my new video for Take Me Back featuring Taio Cruz. Let me know what you think!!!


10 Responses to “Take Me Back MY NEW VIDEO!!”

  1. 1st comment! tinchy ur vids are good man so keep it up, been listenin 2 u from day, like u are stay consistent, safe!

  2. Love the Video! That girl with the tatoo is pretty great! Also…the song is incredible and i NEED that Black star in the hood hoody with the diamonds. It is awesome!

  3. yh dat SITH hoody is nicee… need one of them!!

  4. songs grown on me… like i sed b4 its mainstream but the remix wid chipmunk and sway is more on point..

  5. This Tune is uh-uh oh tha bizz. Mans u need to get tht jacket up On big cartel.

  6. I think this is defo top 5 fav tunes of this year for me!

  7. who directed the vid?

  8. Always Say It, Tinch = best In Grime, What A Vid!!!

  9. looks good tinchy, love the tune,
    but to me the video just feels like all ur other videos, theres not much creatvity in them really is there? if it wasnt for hearin the tune i wouldve thought this was stryderman vid

  10. Listened 2 It Once

    Stuck In Ma Head…

    Got Urself A Banger Dare Hun =)

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