‘Take Me Back’ remix!

‘Take Me Back’ remix with Sway and Chipmunk!

Let me know what you think.


11 Responses to “‘Take Me Back’ remix!”

  1. it is the first time me hearing this tune, and i don’t know man. Too much synths, i think. There is too much patterns in that tune, so it is hard for me to focus on lyrics. I don’t get that dance hype you guys have right now in UK. Stryderman was great, but this is too much for me. you are getting closer to that thin ‘pop dance’ line. Justice-o-calvin-o-harriso’s way of doing that thing is much better. How do you see future of that electro/grime collabos?

    Oh, and i don’t fell chipmunk here 😦

  2. Dats probably bcause ur his ex loooooooooool

  3. sophie instone Says:

    this song is my favourite in the whole worldd 🙂
    your lush (;

  4. will this be available to buy on itunes cause i dont really wanna download it for free and not give u some P for this fire track.

  5. tinchystryder Says:

    yes bruv, out on january 19th, respect for supporting!!

  6. Lauren/ Spaz =] Says:

    Wooow This Songs Well Good, Lovin This Song!! My Fav ATM

    Ooo You Shud Make A Vidio 4 The Remix. And Im Downloading It Too =]


  7. Tinchy if you get a minute, check my remix of take me back. Its getting a huge buzz on the net!


  8. I dig this song a lot man. I especially like Sway’s part on it, talking bout facebook.

  9. this tune is amazin lyrics too me and my mates at schooll sit there with dis tune bangin in our ears ! 😛

  10. im berrr luvin it this is ma fav track man wat can i say im a fan yhyh 4sure

  11. My Fave Tune. 🙂
    Its Amaziing., this tune is always in me ears.
    Im a Fan..


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