Take Me Back on Radio 1!!!

Take Me Back, my new single, has been added to the Radio 1 Playlist. I’m on CLOUD 9!!



4 Responses to “Take Me Back on Radio 1!!!”

  1. Well Done Bro !!! That is most definitely a VERY good look man *ahem ahem PRS* :o)

    I remixed one of your older joints right here man, take a listen…

    Keep up the good work fam and I hope to see the single get the respect it deserves when it hits the charts!


  2. Thats awesome man, i love the tune. Its constantly being played through my speakers, absolute sweet tuune.

    Keep the good songs coming, hope to catch you in plymouth soon.


  3. Yea man and so it should be on the playlist!
    Minnnnt tune!
    I thought Where’s Your Love was hotttt but this is even better…
    You’re makin serious movements right about now,
    Best of luck x

  4. should be proud see 4gt them haters who arent acceptin the fact that your cetified in this music industry they dont want to accept the real shit.your blessed man remeber that.

    2 fly for hayers lol

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