Jez Welham


Big up Jez Welham from Kiss Fm, Jez has supported my music from day 1, the guy has great ears and champions a lot of the best music out including N-Dubz, Wiley, Rhianna – the list goes on!! Anyway someone just showed me THIS on Jez’s KISS BLOG. Check it out, I love that support!!


3 Responses to “Jez Welham”

  1. Jez is a seriously nice guy and like ya say he really does support the UK movement, you should post up DJ Swerves remix he did! He’s put it on his website – , i know you have heard it but for everyone else.

    Take Me Back is my joint of the moment, keep it moving man!

  2. tinchystryder Says:

    safe cuz appreciate dat mate!

  3. tinchy’s what i call a consistent artist.he actually has the time to thank dj’s and people for supportin him u dnt gt many artist doin that.he deserves a mobo man. love youuu tinchy keep makin the hits cuz were buying dem lol

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