I’ve just been shown THIS DEBATE on Prancehall’s blog. Have a read of it and tell me what you think.

I personally am in shock that some people are so pathetic. I’ve been working very hard for years and have been building my career over that time, to claim I have had sooo many chances to ‘blow’ and ‘If he hasn’t had any commercial success by now, it’s never going to happen.’ is such a load of bullshit. I have just signed my first ever deal with a major label. Up to mid 2008 the only ‘chances’ I had were crafted by myself and my two managers, on not massive resources but a load of work and passion, how that means I’ve had so many chances to go mainstream I’m not sure as I have never yet had a release that has had the real chance to reach beyond a fairly specialised audience.

The same goes for Ghetto, he’s just signed his first major deal for ‘Sing for Me’, he (and me) might be ‘old’ to some people but really as an ‘urban’ artist in the UK you are never going to make it to the mainstream without years of hard work and dedication which can result in coverage like that in The Guardian, whose readers (or at the least the massive majority) will never have heard of myself, Ghetts, Chipmunk, Ny or anyone featured in the piece. To suggest others deserve the coverage more is dumb aswell when really the people who are making a name for themselves in the wider world are those in the piece (in my opinion anyway), why would The Guardian cover artists who might not be heard of again for months after the piece rather than those who are putting the work in to make sure they can capitalise on that kind of coverage.

Sorry to rant but it annoys me so much when people take this attitude when they clearly don’t understand anything about how this whole thing works, either that or certain people are just purely HAAAAATING!!!

Oh yeah and massive RESPECT to Alex for choosing myself and the others for that piece!!


6 Responses to “Wow…”

  1. tinchy dont go mainstream please,keep doing your amazing tunes and sometimes do underground tracks.
    Jga, peace

  2. strydz hu da fuk is dat blog newayz.. ive neva herd of it….u just keep banging out the tunes and youl get sumwere…look where dizee and sway went coz of tryin..not tryna say dere on point coz derz beta emcees from the uk but they didnt listen to kats lyk dem..dey just kept bangin out songs and eventuali went global[by global i mean went to america and released their album and dun a few tours..] newayz…… kooool

  3. cant belive how people cant see talent.
    artist who are big now like wiley,tinchy,ghetto,ny e.t.c have worked so hard to get where they are today they should be acknowleded for that they didnt just go to x factor and win they actually started from scratch thats how you know they makin proper music and they actually motivated.

    4 them they just want to bring you down hold your head high you fans who are backing you and producers dying to work with you keep making music and you’ll prove them idiots wrong.its all about motivation.

  4. supp stryds, been a big fan from day (like 04/05).. ive seen alot of development in you musically as an artist.

    do me a favour and do not make any more posts about what 1. bitter. 2. talentless 3.haters have to say about talented progressive young black artists like yourself..

    i mean does that ‘prancehall’ (whatever she called) girl like anything!!??.. we’ve all encountered those type of people tho right?? that cut there teeth at anything and everything that makes them feel like the waste they truly are lol

    JESUS!! tinch don’t rise to the haters again star!!

    im out.

  5. GoldieLocks Says:

    The average internet thug has no fucking idea how much time, effort, money and sacrifices go into making ‘urban’ or underground music any kind of success. At least we have blogs to get our own opinions accross tho ey!

    Always supportin, Goldie x

  6. This Breh Is Simply A Prick.
    Take No Notice N Keep Making Bangers.

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