X Factor

So the X Factor finalists are Eoghan, JLS and Alexandra. Who do you reckon will win?? I think it should be Alexandra, it definitely cannot be Eoghan, I’ll be happy with either JLS or Alexandra….



5 Responses to “X Factor”

  1. jls, alex is pritty much the same as leona last year

  2. leslielewiswalker Says:

    It will be JLS… Truss.. there is a market for them to sell
    units.. based on talent.. Alexandra should win!!

  3. therazorwire Says:

    I totally agree.. .. Alexandra should win based on talent but then JLS were really impressive last night. It could be an exciting final. I really hope Eoghan doesn’t win, he’s gone much further than he should have done already.

  4. Hope Alex wins don’t get me wrong i do like JLS but they’ve alreadi won a talent contest so i think someone else deserves it.
    JLS used to b known as UFO for all you that didnt know…

  5. jls!! no doubt you can just see them fitting in perfectly in the current music industry

    i can see them selling worldwide in us and uk. same goes for alexandra

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