WOW part 2!

I don’t think this man called John or ‘Prancehall’ likes me very much! My press officer showed me THIS ARTICLE on ‘the FADER’

I’ve known him a bit from ages ago, he even asked me to do a couple of freestyles for him!!  I tell you what he sounds like Prince Charles lol! He’s that posh!  He likes to review grime releases and hates them all apart from those he can laugh at with his public school mateys.

As I said earlier John did not enjoy my mug in the Guardian the other day!  ‘Hi Johnny, I know you wish you were asked to write the piece! Must be hard always doing everything for free lol, I suppose you can do that though when mummy and daddy can sub your life!  Bruv do you need some change for the tube or just a hug!? You seem really angry the whole time mate.

Heres a lovely photo of John and some chums, John is in the middle with the Wiley t-shirt – sooo funny.


29 Responses to “WOW part 2!”

  1. prince prancehalll Says:

    sir, i will not require any change for the tube since i have a chauffeur.

  2. This is so written by a pr/label guy, who are paid -badly- to sit on his dick all day.

    ‘hey matey’ – “mummy and daddy can sub your life’ – ‘a lovely photo of John and some chums’ – ‘sooo funny’????

    imagine if tinchy wrote bars in the the way this was written.

  3. i bet he is a lovely boy tho…

  4. prince prancehalll Says:

    I think it’s time for some bars. I’m gonna call up Mark Ronson to make the beat and this web beef is on. Mark’s grandfather and my great uncle fought in the war together. Plus he has a castle near the town I own in the south of France.

  5. This is kid is a twar, straight up.
    I mean who tha fck is he 2 giv it off sayin tht rapid sounds lyk Lou frm Littl Britain, an tht u swnd lyk kermit tha frog. Dis kid is a fckin pussy boy cuz hes jelus tht he cnt spit lyk u or rapid. Tha kid luks scard in tha foto cuz hes such a pussyole.

  6. prince prancehalll Says:

    I’ve got bars – don’t you worry.

    I’ve just called up Lily Allen. She’s agreed to do the chorus on my diss track.

  7. Ummm, I don’t know what to say about this one, LOL…

  8. tinchystryder Says:

    John, you are angry.

  9. “This is so written by a pr/label guy, who are paid -badly- to sit on his dick all day.”

    Indeed. I very much doubt Tinchy is bothered about Britney Spears or “pop gossip”

    (cos he’s from the bitz innit)

  10. just keep doing your thing Tynchy i have all of the ruff sqwad artists cd’s. good grime music…
    we need critics also still….

  11. Wtf tha fck is he on abwt iv just rang up lily allen an im gona get mark ronson 2 do this, do sumfin on ur own u wet boy. U wudnt knw grime even if u wer a grime artist u gimp.
    I ddnt fink a nursery counts as spittin bars. My grandfather this i hav this, hesjust a pussyole expectin his mum an dad 2 wipe his ass and constntly stik up 4 him, stuk up twat.

  12. Prince reviewalot Says:

    surely people dont even take these wak reviews of his serious? he is just a fan tryin to get in the scene, properly tryed mcing, djing, now he taking his anger out writing shit reviews.

    aint gonna lie i read a few of em and there just pure wak!
    get your self on propa job johny. your reviews dont mean anything.

    and your stripeing shirt is alot!

  13. Dat N!&&A Fabz Says:


    -I’ve just called up Lily Allen. She’s agreed to do the chorus on my diss track-

    -I’m gonna call up Mark Ronson to make the beat and this web beef is on.-

    NaaAAME (Westwood Bangs) DROppPPIN, John yu cum like a informer lol!!

    And da madness ting is yur droppin dem names like dey actually guud.. trusay mark ronson can produce a decent track ina blue moon or two but come onnn.. LILY ‘Am cool… please believe mi…Look ive got a spliff.. Dats wot yu coloured people like.. Isit’ ALLEN… Yu’l have tu cum better John..

    Ask daddy, If he can get yu a black Mc for christmas.. cuz dats da onli way yur winnin dis E-Beef!!


  14. I really hope the above comment is ironic.
    Do you seriously not get that Prancehall is being sarcastic?

  15. prince prancehalll Says:

    Who iz dissin man’s shirt? It’s a aufentic BAPE u kno. It sez BAPE on da back in capitalz an ting. ONE AWAY EXLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE. LOL. U know dem way dere. Cost man 6 billz (plus/minus 4 billz).

    PS. I did dA LiSt to SaNtA foR a AuThEntIC Mc – I hOpE hE ArrIVeS iN TiMe.

  16. lol @ pracehall trying to make a joke out of it like he’s not bothered

  17. haha wat is this idiot on about. UK ppl cant touch autotune. dat tunes sick and wiley – she’s glowin is amazin wiv it too

  18. John Adair Says:

    no, she’s glowin is shit. autotune is shit. mcs might as well jus write bars for stephen hawking.

  19. Who is this Prick?

    Write Your Diss Track, For U And Ya Posh Mates To Laugh About,
    While Tinch Is Getting Played On Radio 1 Every Day.
    N Then We’ll See Where Tinch Is In 2009 And Where U Are…..

    Still Writing Shit Reviews!

  20. John Adair Says:

    shit reviews

    or reviews of shit

  21. I Mean Shit Reviews Of Good Music.

  22. If autotune grime is what you call good music then we’re all fucked. I don’t know why I got out of bed this morning. Someone pm Wiley on RWD, the dream’s dead, grime’s gonna be killed by its own ‘fans’.

  23. John Adair is a cocky twat, bet hes 1 of this twats public school friends, iv gt an idea y dnt u run along on a play date an listen 2 ur nursery rhymes an argue with each hus dady has gt wot u wetboys. Grime ent dead if u lukd on itunes this week they wer doin a Uk section, now tell me its dead, wen u hav gt tha lyks of double s, tinchy an chipmunk plus many mor. An ter is no nu faces from US comin thru. Pissed on ur bonfire ddnt it pussyole.

  24. John Adair Says:

    you would need a bigger dick to piss on my bonfire fam

  25. star in the hood..

    i have the perfect beat to vent about these haters… Team Tagg This is working hard with the clothing and my team of producers are focused. Email me at and then liase with me to give me an e-address to get some beats to you. The perfect beat is called BASS(16 bars) and its fire

  26. Alie This Breh John In Any Next Wasteman?
    Blud I Would Laugh If Dis Man Got Caught Slipping In The Ends,
    My Man Is Chatting Way Too Much Shit On The Internet.
    John How Many CD’s N Tees Have U Shifted? NONE.
    Ur Sum Next Private School Dick Head Trying To Act ‘Urban’,
    So Fam Plz Alow It And Stick 2 Ur Tea And Crumpets.

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