Watch this video, I think John would maybe like to do this to me lol:

This guy sums it up best in the comments on my post:

Rippz Says:

December 13, 2008 at 1:52 pm e

lol @ pracehall trying to make a joke out of it like he’s not bothered


10 Responses to “John”

  1. John Adair Says:

    lol @ bitchy stryder tryin to make a joke out of it like he’s not bothered

  2. tinchystryder Says:

    No, I am bothered. That’s why I have posted 3 blogs about this idiot.

    Not once have I claimed to be not bothered, I just like winding you up! It works.

    Good pun on the Bitchy Stryder by the way mate, all those school fees do pay off.

  3. Lol this isn’t prancehall btw

    I got more though, titchy stryder

  4. Seriously though Star in the Hood is a good album, maybe one of the best grime albums. Why are you making autotune tracks? And Prancehall’s criticising your music, that’s his job, there’s no point getting stressed about it.

  5. Tinch Is Moving Forward Mate, I Agree, S.I.T.H Is My Favourite Album Ever, But Grime Isn’t Everyones Cup Of Tea, And That’s Why Some Grime Artists Are Moving Away From It They Want To Do Well For Themselves, I’m Sure Tinch’s next Album Will Hav Grime Trax On It, I’d Put Money On It Being The Album Of 2009. “Take Me Back” Is Diferent To What Tinch Normally Does, But It’s Shows Variety In What Tinch Can Do, I Luv The Song.
    He Definatly Knows What He’s Doing, Coz Things Have Only Got Better And Better For Him.
    I’m Sure He Wont Take Advice From Negative Critisism, Yeah It’s Pissed Him Off But It Wont Affect Him As An Artist.

    This Is Just My Take On Things, I Don’t Know If Tinch Agrees.

  6. John Adair Says:

    Born Blessed will be album of 09 if it gets released. Goodz runs grime.

  7. No Joke This Man Is Jus Sum Dick Head Hater.
    Let My Man Go Back To The ‘Ghetto’s of Hertfordshire’
    And Jam Wid His Posh Boys N Talk About The Financian Crisis,
    And The State Of There Fucking Hedge Funds. He Is A WASTEMAN!!!

  8. Lol rippz has blown (n/h)

  9. SHATTAP John u spoon

  10. This john is a fckin dikhead. He needs to shut tha fuk up. Cuz i can c him gettin fckin jacked if ppl nu he was in tha streets. Manz i dnt lyk sayin abwt ppl gettin shot an jacked, but i mean, grime ent got enough support, an it a dikhead givin off negative comments is gona fckin make ppl get angry an cause mor problems around on tha streets.

    But knowin tinchy, he will get beta from this cuz he knows this john is a fckin dicked.

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