Lat Saturday I played in Sheffield at The Plug, been meaning to blog about it all week but never got round to it. The show was so LIVE, when we got to the venue there was already a queue round the corner!! I was shocked by how many tickets must have sold, I think there was about 750/800 people in there to see me!!

Me and Fuda hit the stage at about 9.45 and tore it up for 45 minutes, the crowd were hyped up, it was definitely one of my favourite shows I’ve done.

Sheffield is one of the best places to play, I’ve supported Kano and Bedouin Soundclash there and the people are always up for a good time which is the best type of people you can get!! Hope to see you all again soon! Big up to The Plug aswell, one of the best venues I’ve been to in every way, played there 3 times now and its always SERIOUS!!

Anyway here’s the only two photos I got, one of the poster and one just before I went out…..




One Response to “Sheffield”

  1. Did Lil Rascals perform dere aswell. also are you performing at Stratford Rex on Ghana’s night cuase if you are i am aswell

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