N-Dubz on GMTV!

I know this was a while ago but I thought I had to post this. This is a really good look to get on this show. They’re interview is really interesting for all those people who don’t know about N-Dubz. I’m sure N-Dubz will have gained thousands more fans after this interview and peformance.


5 Responses to “N-Dubz on GMTV!”

  1. ur gettin abit obsessed with ndubz arnt u tinch?

  2. Dis is gona b u soon tinch. So many ppl hav got take me back vid on bebo an myspace. An ppl r playin it on ther fones. They would hav had 2 of got it from limewire. Bt then i Hope they buy from Itunes wen its releasd. Cuz dats jus stealin ur music. I mean T.M.B is most popular vid on itunes also. Big things r gona happen Tinch rekon u is gona get in top 10 man.
    Cnt w8 till release date dude.

  3. Ok… anyone else notice how in the performance you see them go to the mic with no sound come out. I think this is mimed believe it or not.

  4. yeah its mimed cos gmtv don’t allow any1 to do live performances

  5. Dappy is so fit i wunt mind shaging him lol x

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