Beyonce – Diva [Video]

This tune is SICK. I’ve been feeling it since I bought the album last month, you need to check I am…Sasha Fierce, its a massive album. I’m liking Beyonce’s videos right now aswell, she’s got serious attitude in this one. Diva is produced by the same guy who did A Milli, he’s got a winning formula!! What do you lot think of it?

This video has the annoying embedding disabled thing going on on Youtube so you’ll have to check it HERE


2 Responses to “Beyonce – Diva [Video]”

  1. Yeah I’m Feeling This Tune. At First I Hated It But It’s Grown On Me. A Milli Is MUCH Better Though. LOL.

    Great Vid.

    I am Sasha Fierce Is Beyonce BEST Album & Everyone Should Go Out & Buy It.

  2. I second that… I think B is defos doing her ting
    and doing it big…

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