Take Me Back is OUT TODAY. CLICK HERE TO BUY IT FROM iTUNES – 79 pence (go ooooooon)!!

Help me go as high as I can, the CD single is out aswell in HMV and wherever else (if anywhere!) still stocks CD singles!! Comment if your copping!!! RESPECT.




  1. im buyin it. was wondering if ur dropping an album anytime soon????????

  2. coppppppppped

  3. I posted up a review on my blog sir –

    also bought the single despite already being sent it – big up!

  4. tinchystryder Says:

    Massive thanks to you all!!! RESPECT. dj wm – big ups bro.

  5. ituned it mate.

  6. tinchystryder Says:


  7. I wil defo b buyin it baby i love it!! n ur wel sexi which is a bonus lol!! xxx

  8. Imma buy it too i loooooved “Stryderman” song that song was banananas!!! And the beat is out of this world.So imma deffo buy it as well as your album whenever it comes out.

  9. Currently number 8 on the mid-week single charts… please Tinchy.. carry on creating this music, the straight grime music isnt cutting it anymore and will fuck your album up if you go in that direction.

    From fan/music biz bod to artist … stay in this lane.

    Also… stick with Fraser.

  10. tinchystryder Says:

    RESPECT bruva. I appreciate that, nice to hear.

  11. big tune. cant wait for Rollin to drop as well. Both are fire!

  12. Now number 5 on the midweeks… looking very good Tinchy.

    Lets keep this up people, BUY BUY BUY!!

  13. This track is just awesome! Hope you’ve got someone marketing you in Europe cos it’s got potential to be one of the MASSIVE tracks of the year.

    Good luck in your quest for World domination…….you’re practically there already……keep it coming!


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