15 Responses to “OOOOOOOOOKKKKK…..#2!!!!!!”

  1. It can get it to number 1 with ease mannn, best song there by a mile if there’s any justice physical sales goin your way too, best of luck wit it all x

  2. Mans this will reach no 1 by end week. It bin on all day on radio 1. U should be on brits nominations. lol.

  3. i bought it 😀

  4. Pre-ordered it might just buy it again to get u number 1 😀

  5. did ur pre order sales count towards ur sales? also do sales of the remix wit sway and chipmunk count towards the main singles sales????????

  6. yhyh cos i bought the EP on itunes, will the copy of the radio edit that came wit that still count towards the overall single sales?

  7. you shouldn’t be so surprised cos it’s a sik tune!!

  8. It will defo get to #1 baby u deserve it! its a cool song n ur jus well sexi lol defo cumin to see ya in Leeds in May!!!!!! xx

  9. your welcome lol!

  10. tinchystryder Says:

    Thankyou very much for all ur supporr!

  11. yes strydz man bare hapz 4 u, from dejavu 2 toppin the charts g
    dun no ruff sqwad 2009 its alot

  12. good luck for today. Hopefully it kocks lady gaga off the top of the charts

  13. Hey great stuff, personally i think Stryderman’s still ur best song though, its frickin awesome!

  14. Oh and ive heard your a big ps3 fan, any chance of getting ya name for it please?

  15. ur the best nd u will still up blad jst keep it up
    nd we all love u from all our hart
    the song is bummmm man
    i realy love the song
    nd is “coz i can’t live without u ” oh oh oh

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