I can’t take this in right now. Its getting unreal. Check out this little snapshot I have taken iTunes, shows me at number #3!!!! Speechless. Thanks so much to everyone who likes the tunes and is buying it!!!!!



10 Responses to “Ummmmmm…..WOW…..”

  1. carla murch Says:

    big it up tinchy we used to live just round the corner from u and moved to the countryside did you live in perrins house and go to john cass school keep it coming for east london can we get tickets if you play bristol

  2. your time big man well done

  3. Must be crazy to see your name up there! But you deserve every bit of success you’re getting at the moment, it’s been a long time coming! x

  4. tunes hard g and hard work pays off fam
    tunes been getting rinsed in the clubs atm g

  5. well chuffed for ya

  6. Wel done! The track is propa ace and every1 is lovin it as u can c!!!!

  7. oh n one more thing gota add….. ur lips baby one word – WOW lol!!!! xx

  8. LittleMissStryder! Says:

    Yoooo!! My god man your mint!! i came to your gig in sheffs in december it was epic!!! im hopin to see you in sheff agen in may! you should release somethin about your smile, its my favorite song eva, proper happy when you played it at your gig! Love Ya babes!! xx

  9. tinchystryder Says:

    thanx 2 everyone!respect!

  10. 79p banging…….. on repeat.. strydz u probli herd it but dere u go.. opefuli top 5 in da charts…

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