Thanks to everyone who has supported me from the start right through to today and Take Me Back!! Thanks mainly to everyone who has bought Take Me Back, its unreal to me what has happened. I’m sososososo HAPPY right now. THANK YOU!!


P.S – Tell your mates to tell their mates to tell their mates etc etc etc to BUY Take Me Back – keep me in there!!


8 Responses to “THANK YOU!!!!”

  1. Be proud. That’s a hell of an achievement.

  2. i downloaded it and bought the cd, well done tinchy keep it up

  3. Well done man! You deserve it!

  4. You Deserve It. Hard Work Pays Off 😀 Buy Take Me Back People.

    Tinchy, When Can We Cop That Hoody From Take Me Back Vid. It’s HARD. I Hope You Release Dat 😀

  5. tinchystryder Says:

    Thanks to you lot and everyone buying it!

  6. i got you fam! i got my copies!

  7. well doooooone

  8. we were there for you back in your star in the hood days!

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