Couple of photos….

I supported Akon last week @ the Indigo2 in London. It was a good night, I tore it down on my set and his show is BIG, I always like watching and learning from superstars. Heres a couple of photos of me with Akon and Shontelle…..Island Records Crew!!!

Akon gets a 2 million uk sales disc. One day I want one of these please!!!!


Swapping tees with Shontelle



2 Responses to “Couple of photos….”

  1. Wow…
    Im Happs For You!
    Supportin Akon .. Wish I Was There To See This.
    Keep Doin Wah You Do.. Its Defo A Gd Look
    And An Inspiration. x

  2. 😀 Akon !! I saw him last month at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes and I’m sure that one day, you’ll have one of these ! One day, you’ll be at the NRJ to get an award too =)

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