Ikea skanking ‘MADNESS’!!!

Every time i watch this iv’e gotta bust up….Frank music showed me
this, three guys skanking to the old skool ‘kick’ ringtone in ikea….anyone who knows
these MAD guys, shake their hands for me when you see them…lol


6 Responses to “Ikea skanking ‘MADNESS’!!!”

  1. lmao they go HARDD

  2. haha that was wel funni had me creasin up lol!!

  3. LoL Thats me haha… This vid seems to get everywhere!

  4. OMG my mate told me this was on your Blog and i had to see it for myself, oi Marvin i cannot believe how far and wide this video has gone. All about the original skankin in IKEA, the good days man!

  5. Marv, Will and Kay….. you guys crack me up lol

  6. ohmyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! lol talk about skankin to da nxt level

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