I just copped 3 100% CLASSICS….

….I’ve had all these albums before (just so you don’t all think I’m maaaaaaaaaaaad) but you know how CD’s go missing…..anyway after seeing the NOTORIOUS film other day I had to go and repurchase a few albums….




NOW – the BIG question (no pun intended / bad pun) is – which B.I.G album do you prefer and why???


6 Responses to “I just copped 3 100% CLASSICS….”

  1. got all three. My fav is actually Reasonable Doubt but I prefer BIG as a rapper. Id say Ready 2 Die is most def BIGs best album. It was so raw and the lyrics were crazy. Life after death is dope but songs like playa hater and the one with lil kim are forgettable.

    Gotta cop Only built 4 cuban linx is u like Jays cause Raekwon laid the blueprint for both Life after death and Reasonable doubt. thats if u dont already own it!

  2. 1. reasonable doubt
    2. ready to die
    3. life after death

    on another note tho, illmatic is on a different level to all of these.

  3. Thats hard to choose from i luv the song warning from the Ready To Die album. That song showcases BIGGIE’S story telling skills in the way he raps.

    “there’s going to be a lot slow sing and the flower bringing if my burglar alarm start ringing” the best line out of that song

    ALSO i have to agree with Tom illmatic from Nas another hot album

    song N.Y. state of mind and ain’t hard to tell

  4. Ready To Die.
    Reasonable Doubt n Life After Death are sick but RTD too much.
    ‘things done changed’ ARE YOU MAAAAAAAAD

  5. bawse its deeper than rap my favourite biggie album is born again because i used to lock niggas up now i dont so i feel like biggie was talking to me.bawse shout to dem man dem tanna and his crumpet goons bawse.
    carol city correctional officers i aint never get caught because am too sweet for that shit bawse

  6. nottyculture Says:

    ready to die
    best hip hop album EVER

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