One month in the top 5!

I’m still in shock when I realise that my tune has been in the top 5 for a month and peaked at no. 3! So thanks again to everyone buying it and supporting it! My next single should be hitting the airwaves later this week, I can’t wait for you all to hear it! Also I’m shooting the video on Wednesday and Thursday this week for the new tune!



7 Responses to “One month in the top 5!”

  1. can’t wait to hear it :O 😀
    you need to come up and do a concert near glasgow or edinburgh sometime luv ya x

  2. Hey Tinchy, got some of your remixes in – – would be great to get a link in that BlogRoll of yours. Best of luck with the new single.

  3. Carl Walton Says:

    Yo Tinchy!
    In the video of your rip roaring tune ‘Take Me Back’ I couldn’t help but notice the way you grooved at the start! It looked like a Nicolas Anelka goal celebration camped up! Is this because you are a fan of Anelka? or is it because you are not only a fan of Anelka, you would love to see him guest star in Will & Grace as well? I think Will and Nic would be a quality show, but not as good as Nic ‘n’ Tinchy. You should ask him to collaborate with you- I’m sure you would hit the back of the net with that tune!
    From your Brother from another mother.

  4. swnd new single, get 2 in the top 10 at same time, Yes we can! lol
    oi any1 kno how 2 get tickets 2 see tinchy live at litten tree in coventry? says goin there 4th march on myspace bt duno how 2 get tikets :S safe

  5. cant wait for your new track uk stand up !! keeping doing it man !!

  6. Just Herd ur nu song on 1xtra. Swnd man

  7. boi cannot wait to hear dat!!!!lol

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