Teaching Ras Kwame how to Stryde!!!

I went on the Ras Kwame show last weekend and made a little joke video with Ras. Big up Ras reppin in the super, extreme limited STAR IN THE HOOD Ghana edition!!! Check the video and listen back to the show HERE.


2 Responses to “Teaching Ras Kwame how to Stryde!!!”

  1. see i dont understand how your number one
    when it was just a fling before , now your the one
    see now alls i did is blink twice from homey to my only
    Number One
    ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah

    it was all down never plan no after
    it was all games joke laughter
    liv for the moment left it all open
    now im in deep flames larva
    breathe karma
    see wen i was datin
    see i never saw this in my day dream
    its really u dat im fully rating
    and the days have no more waiting

  2. lol s.i.t.h ghana edition look hott!!! wanna see ya at camden roundhouse

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