Kings Of Leon


Just had to post and say KINGS OF LEON ARE SICK. Some of yous might have seen a little piece mentioning my surprise love for their music in NME this week. I’m just watching The Brits on TV (ITV2 re-run!!) and decided I need to post about them. Got the album for xmas and it took me a few listens but yeah they are worthy of the hype. I’m still banging ‘Only by The Night’ in my car. Manhatten, Use Somebody, S.O.F, Crawl, Closer, Notion, Revelry, I Want You….SO many massive tunes. I know its hardly news but TRUST ME get htis album if you haven’t already!!!


3 Responses to “Kings Of Leon”

  1. Yeah mate, Have to agree… I’ve been a fan since they started out and took me a long time to like their new stuff. Found that they went more mainstream, but who can blame them?! Look at the rewards now. You should check out the old stuff though.

  2. watched them on the brits along wiv the ting tings,estelle,duffy there alright

  3. HAHA I was watching the repeat too,and I Thought I was the only one!Yah I like them alot,and you aswell.Nice to see you support different genres x

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