Here’s a few sneak peak photos from my shoot for Number 1 featuring N-Dubz!!!

Who’s heard the tune????







12 Responses to “‘NUMBER 1’ VIDEO SHOOT PICS!”

  1. Tune is bangin man. Pics luk gd wens Vid out, an wens this album comin aswel.?

  2. yer i second dat ^^^ whens the album coming???

  3. i heard a sneak on tinchys myspace sounds gd im feelin it big time and maaaaaaan!!! n-dubz r on dat n all its gotta be good.

  4. Yo Tinchy the tune is sick n the pics looking gd bruv,
    you doin it hard these days wiv take me back as well!! keep it up love ur music
    But wen is the album comin out?

  5. Tunes ARD BODY! seems like a another top 10 stryds
    whens the video, single and album out g?

  6. SONGS BIGGGGGG! but are all on n dubz gna be in the vidd?
    whens it comin out cantt wait?

  7. tinchystryder Says:

    Thanx for all ur comments, glad your feeling the tune! Video will be up v soon!

  8. Song sound kool! pics look SICK!!!! keep doin wot u do best!

  9. heard bit of ur new tune on myspace sounding ace!!

  10. mr.story Says:

    this song surely has to be in top 5. you one of the only peeps takin uk rap to mainstreme (obv with ndubz aswell)

  11. ii Love diis Tuneeee! Nd ur Sexyy 2..Keep doiin ur fiing!!


  12. i looovee this, i keep tellin me m8s abowt
    it but they ant herd it yet!
    i loveee it 😉

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