Chipmunk ‘Chip Diddy Chip’

Chipmunk’s BIG single Chip Diddy Chip is out TOMORROW.

Make sure you all go to iTunes and buy that and support UK music and one of the hottest rising stars in the game!!

I want to see Chipmunk in the charts – MAKE IT HAPPEN.


2 Responses to “Chipmunk ‘Chip Diddy Chip’”

  1. Jack Ellis Says:

    Mate I will be all over itunes buying this shit. It’s stuff of legend. Some of the best rap to come out of Britain since Dizzee.

  2. man, i’m not in the uk so i don’t really know what is going on. it’s great that artist like you and chipmunk are becoming well known, but i’m not really sure that that big hits are the best what you can do.

    sorry man, i’m a big fan of you since everybodys gotta learn, etc (i played it in my radio show here in Poland as soon as i got that tune, so it was 2006?), but recently i have heard that tune with taio in one of the crapiest station here (between tunes from some kind of euro-trance blond haired shit-djs)

    and what is funny. radio dj said “that was taio cruz featuring tinchy stryder” 😉

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