OOOOOOOOOOOKKK. So TODAY, RIGHT NOW, NOOOOOW, the STAR IN THE HOOD clothing label has been relaunched. I’ve been working real hard with my people to up the quality of the clothes (they now all have official STAR IN THE HOOD labels in the neck and are a better quality garment and print), I have made the shopping site itself a whole lot better and the customer service will improve 100 times as I now have a whole team to help, not just me and my people!!!

Please let me know any comments you all have on the whole STAR IN THE HOOD experience! check the new store either on the link to your right, my myspace links or BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE!!

Some pics:







17 Responses to “STAR IN THE HOOD RELAUNCH!!!”

  1. Its alot mate, definitely gonna cop a star in the hood tee!

  2. tinchystryder Says:

    respect bruva!!

  3. lovin da garmz tinchy… nuff love n respect 4 dat

  4. aliiieeyy Says:

    hey they look hottt

    do they do womens hoodiess??


  5. Kurupteddd Says:

    deres dese 1s from ebay .. are dey legit

  6. tinchystryder Says:

    nah, only ones from the official store are legit. the store adress has just changed with the relaunch. the ONLY place to get STAR IN THE HOOD is:


  7. u were so sick @ vibez wen u nxt goin der n im gettin sum of ur clothes i look up 2 u wb

  8. Rosayy.x Says:

    Mint stuff Tinchy Love ’em (: x x

  9. where do you get the star in the hood hoodies from?

  10. I love these pics ! πŸ˜‰

  11. workin in horans tralee cant wait for the 17th im a massive fan will u be sellin star in the hood tees??id really love one:) free vodka and red bull in it for ya

  12. Can i have your number .?
    my name charlie whitt
    im 16
    im in love with you your PUKKASS !! πŸ™‚
    Lovee Youuu xx

  13. Beckyyy ;)` Says:

    Tinchy (Y)
    Love the hoodies πŸ™‚
    Oh and charlie, as if hes gonna jus fukin give out his number :L geeeek.
    Oi i want you to bring out some pink jumpers size 6-8 just for me πŸ˜‰
    nahh honestly it would be cool, bring the prices downn mannnnnnn :L
    Looks like im turning to ebay (N) :L
    By the way Tinch, your fuckin beautttt ;):D
    And i love tears! :O

  14. yo wag warnn big mann tinchy …. reppin the garmz bruvv Safee xx

  15. Natalie. Says:


    New clothing line is wahooo lol.
    I love your music your quality.
    I Got some clothing ideas in mind if ur interested.
    U got my email (its my cousons but i use it).
    So get in touch if your interested as i want to have a carrer in fashion too.
    Currently working a not so good job lol if i had a good voice i would have used it but some of us aint so lucky lol.
    How old r u btw ? lol ;] just joking.

    Hope to Hear from you.
    take care.

    Natalie. X

  16. Beckyyy ;)` Says:

    OOppssss my bad, tears aint your song. But dont blame me Tinchie Stryder and Tinie Tempah sound simelar :L:L.
    Anyywayss you okayy babee? (:
    Whatt you been up too?

  17. yo stryder ure tunes are sick buut ive got 1 question bafflin my brains at the min where can i get hold of 1 of those star in the hood jackets the 1 in take me back from the begining of the vid an how much are they i cant find it anywhere an its proper phat please get back 2 me i would really appreciate it safe bruv

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