EMI deal!

I forgot to say that EMI have gone into business with me, Jack and Archie (my team)! Basically I have also signed a joint venture deal with EMI publishing aswell as my publishing deal. Our company will be called Star In The Hood publishing. The three of us now will be signing different artists and songs to Star In The Hood/EMI publishing.

Again big up Felix, Guy, Alexis and Amber! I’m now a business man LOL!!


4 Responses to “EMI deal!”

  1. WOW! that even BIGGER!!! damn your movements are SICK!!!

  2. i wanna get signed to Star In The Hood publishing i’m a mc and learning to produce and i’m ready to move forward in the scence how do we get in touch about getting signed because your a big mc and you might not pay attention but i’m really srrious about moving forward

  3. Im not a businessman im a BUSINESS mannnnnnnnnnn

  4. M8 your lucky am telling you. i would like to know if you would listen to me and see if am good enough for your new busines. im a rapper/ singer and i hope u get in touch with me about signing cheers m8. peace

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