Sound Today!!!

I’ve been recording for BBC Switch’s Sound programme today with Dappy. I did Stryderman and then we did Number 1 together, we tore it up!! Did some bare funny quiz aswell, a lot of madness!!! I’m in the studio now and then off to Portsmouth…..

Check the photos – excuse the BlackBerry quality!!!

Infront of the little Sound sign

Me and Dapps

Me, Annie and Grimmy

End of the day in my changing room


5 Responses to “Sound Today!!!”

  1. i was dere.. liiiiiiiiiiiiiive!!! pisd tho got a parkin tiket £60 to watch u tinchy feel privleded

  2. jokas look fun!

  3. Arhhh well gurd dayy!!
    ur well nyc n a right laugh 😀
    cnt wait 2 meet yah againn 🙂
    love yuu 🙂
    x x

  4. tinchystryder Says:

    bruv that is a piss take bout the parking ticket!

  5. Courtney Says:

    OMG THIS is Act Tinchy :O

    IM A FUKIN HUGE FAN BRuvvv n uu guys meet him :O

    luckyy Manz x

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