Diamante Star In The Hood t-shirts!

Look at these! Brand new EXCLUSIVE and SUPER limited edition diamante STAR IN THE HOOD t-shirts will be on sale over the weekend!!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T MISS OUT!!!





10 Responses to “Diamante Star In The Hood t-shirts!”

  1. sick!

  2. 30 quid tho tinchy? come on

  3. verry nice
    wonder if they’ll look as good on other guys though

  4. Tinch man .. Is your star in th hood chain gunna b on sale anytime ? 😉

  5. trust me the £30 is well worth it i`ve seen similar one over £100

  6. leahrrrrrr &' kitarrrrrrr Says:

    AAAAAAAAthis top is mint,!! liekwoah.
    we love uee tinchy stryderr! and ueer top x


  7. leahrrrrrr &' kitarrrrrrr Says:

    AAAAAAA this top is mint!, liek woah…
    we bloddy love Tinchy Stryderrr and hisz’ clothesz are off the rail:P.
    love kitarrr&’leahrr .

  8. I proper want a pink hoody wi gold on!! u need too copyright ur stuff tho man,,loadsa places doin fakes for like £10 !! xx

  9. L.i.d.g.e.t Says:

    30 bar! you gotta be kidding!

  10. nasrin begum Says:

    hi where can i purchase star in the hood clothing please can you get back to me asap. thankyou. I have been looking everywhere cant find nothing.

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